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Why not getting to know our packing?

We can provide normal packing and customized packing for stainless steel fittings and ball valves ,and we promise all the packing is good enough to avoid damage during the shipment.

Normal packing of stainless steel fittings and ball valves : plastic bag + carton+pallet/wooden box

The products are packed in the plastic bag and then into the carton.

We will pack the cartons on the pallet before delivery. The carton dimension is 32mm*23mm*20mm.

There are big pallet and small pallet, the big one can hold 48 cartons with volume around 0.9CBM,the small one can hold 24 cartons with volume around 0.5CBM. The volume of wooden box is 1CBM.

The quantities in each carton are not all the same ,this depends on the product size. We will mark the size ,quantities clearly on the carton, also including other information like material , thread.

This will be more convenient for customers to check when they receive the goods

Customized packing:There are many customers who prefer their own packing.

We can provide all the fittings and ball valves with :

* customized printing and lot number on the fittings.

* customized labels on each plastic bag and carton

* customized carton type design

Customized packing makes it easy for customers to manage the stock and stainless steel fittings and ball valves with the special packing are s also more recognizable in their market.

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