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Do you know several methods of testing SS304/316?

There are three detection methods in our factory.Let me briefly introduce for you.

1. Optical Emission Spectrometer

Features:This instrument is the most expensive and also the most commonly used.Because all elements can be detected with accurate values,especially carbon.During production, we pass the value of the element, then add elements whose value does not meet the standard. Thus producing 304 and 316 products of standard material.The mill test certification’data is according to the Optical Emission Spectrometer.Then we send to our customers.

2.Reagent detection

Features:Simple and easy to test

Stainless steel 316 contains molybdenum, but 304 does not.So this reagent is to detect molybdenum.We only need two steps to clearly distinguish SS304 and SS316 products.1.Take out the special reagent.2. Drop it on the product.Then wait for a few seconds for the result.The potion on the product turns brown is SS316.And the one that does not change color is SS304.Some products are not marked with 304 or 316. So we need to use this reagent to distinguish the material. e.g. the product in the link

3.Handheld Spectrometer

Features:The detection speed is fast and the instrument is easy to carry.

The instrument is easy to carry. And the detection method is simple.The price of this instrument is also quite expensive. Worth $27,000.This instrument show elemental data. But this instrument cannot detect carbon. And only accurate to the last two decimal places.Generally, when customers come to the factory for inspection. And we will provide a handheld spectrometer to test products. In this way, it is more intuitive and clear to understand the element value of the product.

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