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In the service, JINSON Fittings goal with using the latest in Technology is to work smart and stress less. We have unlimited capabilities to take and process orders from EDI to CRM tablet. We build a permanent inventory database for each customer and provide immediate access to an extensive and perpetual inventory database that works in tandem with your sales and service personnel.


 At the core of our system you will find CRM’s latest “Notion” system and we arm our employees with the latest mobile units to bring you the service JINSON Fittings is known for We create solutions and ask questions that others would never have thought to ask. 


Through the continued dedication of our outstanding associates, JINSON Fittings, will consistently offer manufacturing capabilities that are so advanced, superior and customer-responsive, we earn a reputation for providing the best stainless steel pipe fittings and ball valves in the industry, and delivery and service that exceed all customer expectations.

Focus on stainless steel pipe fittings and ball valves

Since 2004, JINSON Fittings has provided the highest quality custom industrial fittings & ball valves for a wide range of industries.

We mainly produce related accessories for Austenitic stainless steel, whose products are designed, manufactured and shipped in accordance with ASTM, JIS, DIN, SMS and many other international quality standards, from spectral testing, casting to final assembly and thorough inspection process . In our production we have fully traceable raw materials, CNC machined parts, balls, seats and seals polished to a mirror finish, all manufactured within specified tolerances.

Our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturers allows us to locate hard to find materials and products to meet your machining and delivery requirements. Also our history with these companies across the globe allows us to obtain the most competitive pricing available.

Since the end of 2019, JINSON Fittings has taken the lead in using fully automatic CNC equipment, and in 2020, we have obtained the Hebei Province Science and Technology Enterprise Certificate. There are 3 production lines and more than 40 sets of supporting processing equipment.

As our founder and CEO Mr. Quan said, “Quality is everything”. We also contain unique design features, long list of modification options and accessories which allows us to guarantee our product’s quality to highest standards and as well as satisfied your requirements.

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