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What’s the difference between BSP and NPT?

BSP and NPT are two common pipe threads. Their functions are exactly the same. They are used for the connection of pipe joints, and the two threads are universal in use worldwide. What is the difference?

What is chamfer?

Chamfer refers to cutting the corners of the workpiece into a particular slope.

What is a Three Piece Ball Valve?

The options for ball valves are seemingly endless. To select a ball valve, decisions have to be made. Which seat material? What kind of end connections? Full, reduced, or standard port ball? 2-way or multiport? Finally, how many pieces?

What is a Two-Piece Ball Valve

A Two-piece(2PC) ball valve, literally speaking, means that the ball valve is composed of two parts – a body and a cap. Both the body and cap are processed by lost wax casting. After the threads are processed, they are tightened with a specific torque, and under the support of the gasket, two parts become […]

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