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Why not getting to know our packing?

We can provide normal packing and customized packing for stainless steel fittings and ball valves ,and we promise all the packing is good enough to avoid damage during the shipment. Normal packing of stainless steel fittings and ball valves : plastic bag + carton+pallet/wooden box The products are packed in the plastic bag and then into […]

How to choose the Union?

We are selling two kinds of union now, one is flat seal with gasket, and the other is cone seal. Please see the picture below.The flat seal is to place O-ring seals, usually made of PTFE, on two contacting planes, and there will be no leakage between the planes. Cone seal is two surfaces with different […]

Do you know several methods of testing SS304/316?

There are three detection methods in our factory.Let me briefly introduce for you. 1. Optical Emission Spectrometer Features:This instrument is the most expensive and also the most commonly used.Because all elements can be detected with accurate values,especially carbon.During production, we pass the value of the element, then add elements whose value does not meet the standard. […]

Difference of SCH20 and SCH40

The pipe products in threaded pipe fittings can be roughly divided into the following categories: welding hose nipple, threaded hose nipple, welding nipple, barrel nipple, running nipple, close nipple. Among them, the most commonly used are welding nipple and barrel nipple: The difference between SCH20 and SCH40 refers to the thickness of pipe products. SCH40 pipe […]

What is the difference between 304 and 316?

304 and 316 are Austenitic stainless steel, there is no difference in appearance. Both 304 and 316 after heat resistance, corrosion resistance and strength, so, what’s the really different between them?

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