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OEM Technical Team

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With the gradual improvement of conventional product molds and the maturity of production technology, the production of OEM products has begun since 2014.

From 3D model, mold making, casting, finishing, to inspection. After four years of experience accumulation in this series of operations, and addition of multiple devices, at the beginning of 2018, an OEM Technical Team(OTT) was finally established.

Whether it is castings, pipes or bar items, in the past decade, we have completed 125 OEM projects. (Currently only accept Austenitic Stainless Steel TP304 and TP316 products)


After receiving your requirements, the technician will check your drawings and confirm the tolerance, precision, surface finish, material and other details one by one.


After confirmation, the technician will draw a 3D model (SolidWorks) according to the list, restore the product itself, estimate the weight of the product and give you a quotation.


After you confirm that the 3D model and price are correct, we start to make the mold (take casting item as an example). Then enter the casting process, under normal circumstances, the first batch of samples will be 5-20pcs, of course, it will change according to the particularity of the workpiece and your needs.


The product undergoes precision processing. The workshop has CNC, four-axis machining center, grinding machine and other equipment to meet the requirements of the workpiece.


After the processing is completed, 6D inspection will be carried out in the factory, and finally sent to you as samples. Before that, we will also sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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