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Difference of SCH20 and SCH40

The pipe products in threaded pipe fittings can be roughly divided into the following categories: welding hose nipple, threaded hose nipple, welding nipple, barrel nipple, running nipple, close nipple. Among them, the most commonly used are welding nipple and barrel nipple:


The difference between SCH20 and SCH40 refers to the thickness of pipe products. SCH40 pipe is thicker than SCH20 pipe. The following is an example of barrel nipple:

The thickness value is common with other pipe products. For pipe product threads such as BSP, G, DIN2999, etc., when the pipe product thread is NPT, the pipe product thickness can only be SCH40. SCH20 has a thin wall and cannot be processed by NPT. SCH40 can be applied to various threads, so now SCH40 pipe is more commonly used than SCH20 pipe.

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